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Tya Anthony, Practicum Lecture
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April 13, 2021
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Tya Alisa Anthony (American, born 1978)
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Tya Alisa Anthony was born in 1978 in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and raised in Colorado, Frankfurt, and Baltimore. She explores themes of identity in her work through the use of photography and collage. Specifically, she examines American popular culture and race. Anthony uses photographic imagery sourced from the internet and an extensive archive of personal family photographs in her work, in addition to historical images of patterns and textiles. The final images she creates with these materials represent both an intersectionality that defines contemporary culture while also producing autonomous zones for bodies of color. (
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guest speaker, Practicum Lecture Series, 2021
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2021, spring semester
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political art
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running time: 00:56:31
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University of Colorado, Department of Art and Art History
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Boulder, Colorado
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© Tya Alisa Anthony
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